Mounting Bracket Sets

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Model Description Opening
B01 Topmount 1" - 8"
B02 Sidemount 1" - 4 1/2"
B03 Wallmount 2"
B04 Saddlemount 1" - 4 1/2"
Bracket Finish Options
BL-Blue GT-Greytone MG-Medium Grey
BR-Burgundy LG-Light Grey TP-Taupe
CG-Charcoal Grey LT-Light Tan WB-Warm Brown
DB-Deep Brown MB-Matte Black WW-Warm White
? powder coated metal brackets ? snap fit keeps mechanics hidden
? no tools necessary except wallmount ? easy installation
? adjustable opening ? mounting template available

It is the responsibility of the specifier/installer to make certain that the mounting hardware is correct for their specific application. And, that the panels on which the planters are mounted are stable and suitable for that type of installation.

Specialty Brackets
Contact our Customer Service Department for information about the availability and lead time of specialty brackets.

Note: TOPmount finish option: Clear - CLR and Sidemount/Wallmount finish option: Matte Black - MB


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