With the increasing use of cubicles and open plan design in office settings came a need for new, innovative accessory products. So it was that in 1984 interiorscaper Barbara Helfman invented the first "partition mount planter", TOPsiders. Designed to meet both horticultural and aesthetic needs TOPsiders brought greenery into the workplace without taking up costly floor space and placed foliage at an optimum vantage point. TOPsiders made the plants, "everybody's plants".

TOPsiders partition mount planters have become the corporate standard for thousands of companies across the United States. Several years ago, TOPsiders, Inc. introduced ROUNDZ, a line of cost effective cylinder planters to compliment the partition mount planter. In short order a triangular planter, Tri-TOPs were brought out as well. Product is sold through interior plantscapers and office furniture dealerships.


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